Trying a Few New Things

Fitness dance

As if trying cauliflower pizza crust wasn’t new enough I joined LA Fitness back in November. I decided that I needed to get back into the fitness world after taking a good 5 1/2 year hiatus.

I had been doing great with adjusting how I was eating, but I knew if I wanted to get to my goal I needed to start exercising again. I went 8 months without a regular exercise routine. I walked around the local park a few times with friends, but I found I started to miss my gym workouts. WHAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!?! Did I just say that?!?! Yes I did…when I was on the low-carb plan before, I was going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week for cardio and weight training plus at least 1-2 games of basketball each week.

In November, I talked with my housemate about how active I had been. She encouraged me to check out the new gym that had just opened. We went on the tour and fell in LOVE with the facility. Row after row of cardio equipment. Free weights…circuit training…swimming pool…group exercise rooms…trainers…etc….etc. I was sold! Each new member was given a “free” personal fitness evaluation with one of the personal trainers.

I was excited for my appointment. I had worked with a personal trainer in the past and he was so inspiring and kept me motivated. The LA Fitness trainer has a lot to learn! She put me through a series of exercises that, in my opinion, were a bit too demanding for a person who hadn’t stepped in the gym for the past 5 years. I was sweating and out of breath (which is great!) after 5 minutes of the exercises, but I also felt like one of my knees was going to pop and I might have an aneurism at any moment.

At the end of the evaluation, “Little Miss Cupcake,” as I had come to refer her by, asked me how I felt after the session. I told her she validated just how out of shape I was. She then proceeded to try to talk me into a year of personal training sessions, which I couldn’t afford. She also told me that I pretty much couldn’t reach my goals on my own. This set me on fire. How dare Little Miss Cupcake tell me what I could or couldn’t do! I’ll show her!

And I have…I’ve gotten to the gym at least 3 times/week. I was hesitant to attend the classes since I was so out of shape, so for the first month and a half I worked my butt off…eliptical and weights were the regimen. By Christmas time, I was ready to try my first class.

ZUMBA!!! Oh man, the instructor was sick and a replacement class was offered. It was a basic aerobics/abs class and it felt great. I was able to keep up, which I was STOKED about, but I realized just how far I had to go. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come a long way and will keep at it.

Water Aerobics (also known as Aqua Fit). It was AWESOME and so much fun. The water resistance is gentle on the joints, but still provides a great work out. I’ve been going regularly for the past two weeks and plan to be a regular several times a week.

ZUMBA!!! Finally, I was able to attend a Zumba class and I had so much fun. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Zumba, it combines dancing with aerobics exercises. There is a lot of booty shaking and plenty of jumping and bopping around. I may be becoming an addict…I’ve been to 3 classes in the past week! I look pretty ridiculous, however, again I am able to keep up and do the moves!

There are a few other classes that I would like to try such as the kick boxing and a class called Boot Camp Conditioning…I think a punching bag is involved!!! A little Yoga may be in order as well. I think Little Miss Cupcake would like to know that since joining the gym, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds…ON MY OWN!!! Yep, I really need a personal trainer.


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