I Survived!!!

Today is officially 7 days post-op. The physical recovery has been pretty smooth sailing. I used crutches for about 4 1/2 days. I used pain meds for 5 days. I saw my doc 2 days after my surgery and everything looked great. I will see him again this Wednesday. Hopefully some of my stitches will be ready to be removed. They are probably the worst part of this whole thing! The site of the incision is the most painful area on my foot and, somtimes, those sutures can be pretty itchy. My podiatrist was able to successfully release the plantar fascia from my heel, remove a nerve that was pinched by the spur, and grind off the spur. There is some loss of feeling on various parts of my foot, but as long as my heel pain is completely gone after I’m 100% healed it will be worth it! The feeling should hopefully return, but it could take quite a while.

I’ve done some reflecting about my physical health as I was home all last week. I have to be honest…I was a little timid about being on crutches. I’ve used them in the past so it wasn’t that I was unsure about the mechanics of using them. I was more worried about how I would use them now in my physical condition. I was concerned about being too fat to use them. Thankfully I was able to maneuver around pretty easily. I didn’t become winded or feel overly exerted either. I didn’t experience sore arm/shoulder/pec muscles (which was probably due to the work I have put in at the gym before the surger). Granted, I didn’t have very far to go when I did need to use them, but it really got me thinking about what it would have been like to use them 90 pounds ago. It would have been similar to using them now with my two oldest nephews hanging on me! I can hardly imagine how difficult that would have been.

I have about 2 more weeks of recovery. I’m currently in a surgical shoe to protect my heel. Although I’m able to ambulate without much pain, I have to continue to be mindful about not over doing it. For now, I’m not to be standing and I need to keep walking to a minimum. I can’t wait to get back to the gym, going hiking, and being able to be active again without having to worry about how much pain I’ll be in after a couple of hours have passed from the activity.


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