My Goals

  • Reach my goal weight
  • No jiggle when I wiggle
  • Write a book about it
  • Cross my legs without having to hold my knee
  • Wear size 10/12 jeans
  • Feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit without swim shorts
  • Have toned triceps
  • Run a 5K without walking 
  • Tone my body without surgery
  • Conquer the mental battle

6 thoughts on “My Goals

  1. Jody! These are fabulous goals! I’m feel so appreciative that you’ve shared this personal journey for us to be inspired by! When you are ready to run the Zombie Race – let me know – I’m SO DOWN for kicking zombie butt!! šŸ˜€

    • Miracle noodles are made from a plant fiber from Japan. They look a lot like rice/glass noodles you find in Asian cooking. They have about 1 net carb per serving (1/2 of a 6 oz. package) and little to no calories. Miracle noodles are gluten/dairy free and are great for people on a low carb or diabetic WOE. I find them on, but you can usually find a version of them at health food stores. They are cheaper if you get them online. Some find the texture a little off putting as there’s no give to the noodles like traditional wheat based noodles. There is a slight odor when you first open the package, but rinsing the noodles under cool water takes care of that. I encourage everyone to try them! They are not similar to wheat based noodles at all except for their shape, but I find them to be a good substitute!

  2. Since April 2013 I lost 103 pounds. For the past year my weight has been totally stable, no gain or loss at all. Every now and then I feel like I am gaining, like my clothes fit me differently and I am heavier. But when I weigh myself, my weight hasn’t changed. My theory is that my fear of gaining again creeps in and makes my body feel like it’s heavier. Currently working on trusting that what I’ve been doing has been working and not doubting my efforts.

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